Let us handle your safety compliance
so you can handle your business.

We partnered with industry-leader Insure Compliance to provide all the trainings you need
to keep your workers safe and your business compliant with regulatory requirements.


A complete worker certification solution

Newmark Networks helps construction companies of all sizes manage their worker training and certification. Our growing
catalog of safety training courses are offered in English and Spanish for a variety of industries.







We have been in your shoes

At Newmark Networks, we are safety professionals and business owners with a background in insurance and experience in the field. We know your pain points
because we have shared them ourselves. You want a simple solution that keeps you compliant and your workers will actually utilize.


We tell you what your workers need

That’s right, you just select a trade (e.g. Roofing) and a jurisdiction (e.g. Arizona) and the
platform tells you what trainings your workers need to take. Our web-based solution is as simple
as it gets.

A green dot means you are compliant

Whether you are looking at a department or an individual, you will always know at a
glance whether the necessary regulatory requirements are met.


Everything is intuitive and foolproof

Your workers won’t need training to use this training software. At every step we have relentlessly
streamlined and simplified the interface so that everyone, managers and workers alike, will be
able to use it with ease.

Newmark Networks aims to revolutionize the


We have the most convenient and cost-effective
solution in the industry

Our subscription-based model means you have access to the entire catalog of trainings your workers need to stay safe and compliant. Stop worrying about the next inspection and whether everyone on the worksite has the necessary certifications. Let Newmark Networks handle that for you.